With more than twenty-five examples of Heritage livestock on display in our 2400 square foot tent, housed in professionally designed stalls and pens, the Heritage Livestock Club of Eastern Ontario is pleased to provide this opportunity for visitors to learn more about the strengths and characteristics of a wide range of Heritage livestock. We thank the St.Lawrence Valley agricultural Society for sponsoring this special display.

With much of our food now produced in factory farms and many breeds of livestock having evolved in response to market pressures, many find it reassuring these breeds are available to those wishing to raise traditional livestock.

Be sure to visit our display at this year’s Fair!

Please remember to wash your hands after touching farm animals! Hand washing stations are conveniently located at the cattle barns, heritage breeds tent and petting zoo.

Wondering what qualifies as “Heritage Breed” and why maintaining heritage genetics is important?! Go to www.heritagelivestockclub.com