Western Games Show

Saturday, August 10, 2024 at 10 am

Location: In the Western Horse Ring.

Chair: John Hodgson (613) 859 3260, E-mail: john.hodgson@williamstownfair.ca

Show Secretary: Melissa McBain
(613)577-0490 Email: williamstownhorseshows@gmail.com




1. Registration: Pre-registration is required, no day of show entries will be permitted.
2. Deadline: July 29, 2024 to the show secretary, Entry form, Proof of insurance and Fair Waiver are required to be sent in. It’s the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that their entries are received on time.
3. Payment: Payment at Booth the day of.
4. Fees:
– Peewee 12 & Under entry fee $4.00 per class
– Youth 13 to 18 entry fee $5.00 per class
– Senior 19 & older entry fee $10.00 per class
– Sweepstake – All ages $20.00 per class
Open to all ages


Youth 1D 1st $50/ 2nd $40/ 3rd $30/ 4th $20
2D 1st $40/ 2nd $30/ 3rd $40/ 4th $20

Senior 1D $100/ 2nd $90/ 3rd $90/ 4th $70
2D $80/ 2nd $60/ 3rd $40/ 4th $20

Sweepstake $200 Added (100% of entry fees)


Barrel Race: Peewee, Youth 2D & Senior 2D
Sweepstake Barrel Race: 3D Open to all ages
Polebending: Youth 2D & Senior 2D
Sweepstake Polebending: 3D Open to all ages
Dash for Cash: Peewee, Youth 2D & Senior 2D
Flag Race: Youth 2D & Senior 2D
Keyhole Race: Peewee, Youth 2D & Senior 2D
Relay Race: Open to all ages

ALL monetary prizes are mailed.


– All Ages are as of January 1, 2024
– Peewee 12 years and under
– Youth 13 to 18 years old
– Senior 19 and older
Proof of liability insurance $2,000,000 is required. Rider/Participant must be named in policy or OEF,FEQ, or CRHRA Membership
– All riders under 18 years of age must wear approved head protection at all times while riding on the fair grounds.
– Peewee Riders may compete in Junior Classes as long as the same event in Peewee is not entered with the same horse.
– Youth Riders may compete in Senior Classes as long as the same event in Youth is not entered with same horse.
– Riders must be in western attire. Long Sleeve shirts (cannot be rolled up)and short sleeve shirts must be buttoned up when entering the ring. Women permitted sleeveless western shirts.
– Horses in Western Tack.
– 2D events have a 1 second split except Dash, Flag and Keyhole ½ second split.
– The show committee reserves the right to pay the top 8 in 2D events if all the placings are not filled.
– Horses must be under control when entering the chute, all horses must be in the chute before starting their run.
– If the judge calls you off pattern you are excused from the ring, no school on course. Judges call is final.
– Booth will have a minimum 6 foot distance, preference for communication with Booth will be posted day of show.
– Washrooms will be open
– Water for horses is available

Check this page and our Facebook page Williamstown Fair Western Games Series for dates and changes.