Paint & All Breeds Horse Show


Start Time: 9:00 am on Sunday in the Western Ring

This show features All Breed Classes open to ALL breeds of horses and Paint classes limited to APHA Registered horses. The show is an APHA point show and an EOPHC point show for competitors with current memberships.  Non APHA classes are also PAC approved.

For our All Breed Competitors, please note that many Paint Classes have few or no competitors and/or are combined so do not be alarmed with the large number of Paint Classes being offered.  In order to have the show APHA approved, a large number of classes must be offered.

Fair Director and Show Manager: Ashley Koggel Telephone: (613) 878-9501
Judge: Michelle Nyberg New York
Show Secretary: Liette Deschambault see below

Entry Fees

All Paint (excluding Paint Youth), All Breed Adult, All Breed Halter $10/class
All Breed Youth, All Breed Novice, All Breed Longe Line and All Breed In Hand Trail $6/class
Paint Youth, Costume and Leadline FREE
Stake Classes $20/class

Post Entries will be accepted up to ½ hour prior to class at $5 extra/class, maximum of $20/day.
It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that entries are received by the Show Secretary on time.
No refunds for classes entered and scratched during the day.  All classes must be paid for prior to gate entry.

Please be sure to use the Paint/All Breed Entry Form.  One form/horse.  All exhibitors showing the same horse will use the same number.

No Fair Membership is required however all exhibitors and support staff must pay admission at the gate, persons 36 inches and up $20 / under 36″ FREE

Note: Exhibitors in Paint Classes must pay a SECRETARY FEE: $10/ horse which includes the APHA processing fee no matter the number.
Exhibitors showing only in All Breed Classes do not have to pay a Secretary Fee.

CLOSING DATE:          Wednesday, August 8, 2018 – 9 pm

Payment:  Cash or cheque payable to:           St Lawrence Valley Agricultural Society (SLVAS)

SEND ENTRIES TO: Liette Deschambault P.O. Box 148, Lancaster, ON, K0C 1N0
Daytime Telephone # & Fax:  (613) 347-7459
Evening Telephone # & Fax:  (613) 525-0613

Please – no telephone calls or faxes between 11 pm – 7 am

Entry Requirements (For APHA exhibitors only)

APHA REGISTRATION CERTIFICIATE Please submit a copy of the horse registration certificate with your entry form via fax, e-mail, mail or handed to the Show Secretary when registering.
APHA MEMBERSHIP CARD Please submit a copy of both your current APHA membership card (Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Youth, and Walk/Trot) and the current APHA individual membership card for the owner(s) of the horse with your entry via fax, mail, e-mail, or handed to the Show Secretary when registering.
Applications for APHA membership, Amateur/Novice Amateur and Youth Cards can be obtained at show secretary’s booth. Please allow sufficient time to fill out the forms.  Payment for these forms must be made by Visa or MasterCard. APHA charges an additional $25US rush fee for Amateur/Youth cards purchased on the day of the show.
EOPHC MEMBERSHIP CARD Membership to the EOPHC is not required to show but is required if you wish to accrue points for the EOPHC year-end awards. Membership forms are available on site.


  • Ribbons will be awarded to 6th
  • Please note that any prize money won will be sent to the owner of the horse in the exhibitor’s name. Please be sure to have the address properly completed.
  • Prize Money will be halved if there are less than 4 exhibitors in a class. All Breed Classes may be combined if entries are insufficient. If a class is combined (Adult & Youth) the prize money will be paid as per Adult Division.

No prize money, some classes will have prizes and/or gifts, to be announced at show time.
1ST – $40 2ND – $30 3RD – $20 4TH – $10
1ST – $30 2ND – $20 3RD – 15 4TH – $10
1ST – $100 2ND – $75 3RD – $50 4TH – $25

High Points

All Breed High Points Awards to be donated by Bob-T Tack Shop, Lancaster, ON
All Breed Youth – Total points from classes 18, 28, 33, 50, 62, 69, 79, 87 and 97
All Breed Adult – Total points from classes 18, 28, 39, 58, 65, 77, 80, 91 and 105
All Breed Novice Walk/Jog Division High Point (Total Points from classes 18, 28, 35, 82, 83, 84 & 95)

Paint Open, Novice Amateur, Amateur, Youth, Solid Bred Open and Solid Bred Amateur to receive All Around Grand and Reserve Ribbons and prizes.  To be eligible for a Paint All Around Award, a horse needs to compete in halter and a minimum of 3 performance classes in its division.

Points will be tabulated as follows for each horse/rider combination as per APHA:

Horses in Class Points Points Points Points Points Points
1st  Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place
1 1
2 2 1
3 3 2 1
4 4 3 2 1
5 5 4 3 2 1
6 or more 6 5 4 3 2 1

SHOW RULES & REGULATIONS – Please read carefully

  • APHA rules apply. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to know the APHA rulesYou can download the 2018 APHA rule book at
  • This show is APHA approved, PAC approved ( for PAC information) and approved by the Eastern Ontario Paint Horse Club (
  • All Paint classes not marked Youth, Amateur, or Novice Amateur are Paint OPEN classes.
  • All Breed classes are open to all.
  • Horse & rider combinations riding in the Novice Walk/Jog classes may not enter any classes requiring a canter/lope. They may also enter both Novice Showmanship (class 35) and Youth (class 34) or Senior Showmanship (class 39) and Costume Class (class 47).
  • APHA rule exceptions:
    • A horse ridden in a snaffle bit may be ridden with 2 hands in the All Breed NoviceClasses at this show.
    • All youth 18 years & under must wear an approved ASTM helmet in all riding classes and at any time while mounted on the fairgrounds. 
    • Any adult rider choosing to wear a helmet in an Adult class will not be discriminated by the judge.

  • All Breed Adult – 19 years or older as of January 1, 2018.
  • All Breed Youth –18 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2018.
  • Paint Youth – age is as of January 1, 2018.
  • STALLIONS: Stallions will not be permitted to show in any ALL BREED CLASSES other than the Stake Classes however this does not apply to weanlings and yearlings.
  • Refunds will be granted if the class is cancelled or if a Vet/Medical certificate is provided proving injury/sickness.

GENERAL INFORMATION – Please read carefully

  • Basic First Aid is available on the grounds.
  • Water is available at the grounds. Washrooms are on the premises. Lots of food vendors to choose from.
  • There are no stalls on the grounds. Stalls are available at stables nearby.  Please contact Show Manager if stalls and overnight camping is required.
  • We urge competitors to please keep the grounds as clean as possible to make the after show clean-up job easier. Remember – no one likes to clean up garbage.
  • Volunteers are always welcome. Please contact any committee member if you are interested in volunteering or sitting on the show committee.  We value your input, please be sure to forward any good ideas to show staff.

All persons working this show have volunteered their time.
Please be sure to treat them with the courtesy they deserve.

Class List & Order of Go – 9:00 am Start Time

  • Italicized classes in this class list are open to all breeds of horses.
  • Paint class not marked Youth, Amateur, or Novice Amateur are Paint OPEN classes.
  • There are 2 divisions of Paint Horses – Regular and Solid Paint-Bred. Solid Paint Bred Horses can only be shown in APHA classes indicated for Solid Bred; classes labelled Paint are for Regular Registered Paints.

1. Paint Yearling Stallion
2. Paint 2 yr. old Stallion
3. Paint 3 yr. old Stallion
4. Paint Stallion, 4 yrs. & older
5. Paint Amateur Stallion, all ages

(1st & 2nd from classes 1, 2, 3 & 4)

6. Paint Solid Bred 2 yr. old & under Stallion
7. Paint Solid Bred 3 yr. old & over Stallion
8. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Stallion, all ages

(1st & 2nd from classes 6 & 7)

9. Paint Youth Gelding
10. Paint Yearling Gelding
11. Paint 2 yr. old Gelding
12. Paint 3 yr. old Gelding
13. Paint Gelding, 4 years & older
14. Paint Amateur Gelding, all ages

(1st & 2nd from classes 10, 11, 12, & 13)

15. Paint Solid Bred Gelding, 2 yr. old and under
16. Paint Solid Bred Geldings, 3 yr. old and over
17. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Gelding, all ages

(1st & 2nd from classes #15 & 16)

18. All Breed Halter Gelding $$
19. Paint Youth Mare
20. Paint Yearling Mare
21. Paint 2 yr. old Mare
22. Paint 3 yr. old Mare
23. Paint Mare, 4 yrs. & older
24. Paint Amateur Mare, all ages

(1st & 2nd from class #20, 21, 22, & 23)

25. Paint Solid Bred Mare, 2 yr. old and under
26. Paint Solid Bred Mare, 3 yr. old and over
27. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Mare, all ages

(1st & 2nd from classes 25 & 26)

28. All Breed Halter Mare $$
29. All Breed Ultimate Halter Horse Stake– Open To All $$
(Please have mares enter first, followed by geldings and stallions last). Be prudent.
30. Tobiano Paint Colour Class, all ages & sexes (except weanlings)
31. Overo Paint Colour Class, all ages & sexes (except weanlings)
32. Paint Youth Showmanship, 13 yrs & under
33. Paint Youth Showmanship, 18 yrs & under
34. All Breed Youth Showmanship
35. All Breed Novice Showmanship, all ages
36. Paint Novice Amateur Showmanship
37. Paint Amateur Showmanship
38. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Showmanship
39. All Breed Adult Showmanship
40. All Breed Leadline
41. All Breed Leadline Game
42. Paint Yearling Longe Line
43. Paint 2 yr. old Longe Line
44. Paint Solid Bred Yearling Longe Line
45. Paint Solid Bred 2 yr. old Longe Line
46. All Breed Yearling & 2 yr. old Longe Line $$
47. All Breed Costume Class – Theme:  Candyland

Tentative Lunch Break

48. Paint Youth Hunter Under Saddle 13 & under
49. Paint Youth Hunter Under Saddle 18 & under
50. All Breed Youth Hunter Under Saddle $$
51. Paint Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
52. Paint Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
53. Paint Amateur Solid Bred Hunter Under Saddle
54. Paint Junior Hunter Under Saddle
55. Paint Green Hunter Under Saddle
56. Paint Senior Hunter Under Saddle
57. Paint Solid Bred Hunter Under Saddle
58. All Breed Adult Hunter Under Saddle $$
59. All Breed Hunter Under Saddle Stake $$
60. Paint Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, 13 yrs & under
61. Paint Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, 18 yrs & under
62. All Breed Youth Hunt Seat Equitation
63. Paint Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
64. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
65. All Breed Adult Hunt Seat Equitation
66. Paint Youth Western Pleasure, 13 yrs & under
67. Paint Youth Western Pleasure, 18 yrs & under
68. All Breed Youth Western Pleasure $$69. Paint Novice Amateur Western Pleasure
70. Paint Amateur Western Pleasure
71. Paint Amateur Solid Bred Western Pleasure
72. Paint Junior Western Pleasure
73. Paint Green Western Pleasure
74. Paint Senior Western Pleasure
75. Paint Solid Bred Western Pleasure
76. All Breed Adult Western Pleasure $$
77. All Breed Western Pleasure Stake $$78. All Breed Youth Command $$
79. All Breed Adult Command $$
80. All Breed Command Stake $$81. All Breed Novice Walk Jog Western Pleasure $$
82. All Breed Novice Walk Jog Western Equitation on the Rail
83. All Breed Novice Walk Jog Western Horsemanship $$
84. Paint Youth Western Horsemanship, 13 & under
85. Paint Youth Western Horsemanship, 18 & under
86. All Breed Youth Western Horsemanship $$87. Paint Novice Amateur Western Horsemanship
88. Paint Amateur Western Horsemanship
89. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Western Horsemanship
90. All Breed Adult Western Horsemanship $$91. Paint Yearling In Hand Trail
92. Paint Solid Bred In Hand Trail
93. All Breed In Hand Trail, Yearlings & 2 yr olds $$
94. All Breed Novice Walk Jog Trail $$
95. Paint Youth Trail, 18 yrs. & under
96. All Breed Youth Trail $$97. Paint Junior Trail
98. Paint Green Trail
99. Paint Novice Amateur Trail
100. Paint Amateur Trail
101. Paint Solid Bred Amateur Trail
102. Paint Senior Trail
103. Paint Solid Bred Trail
104. All Breed Adult Trail $$

Hope to see you there!

Lots of Fun for All!