English Horse Show

Sunday, August 10th, 2024 at 9:00 am

Location: In the English Ring, will be open for walking prior to show start
Announcer: TBD
Judge: TBD

Please contact Myshca with questions at (905)299-0558 or winningtouchmgmt@gmail.com. Visit “Winning Touch Show Management” Facebook Page to find schedule changes and other important information.


1. All exhibitors must provide proof of insurance with policy number, name of insurance company and expiry date on entry forms. All entry forms for riders under 18 years of age must be signed by a parent or guardian.
2. ASTM approved helmets must be worn at all times while mounted. Proper show attire is required.
3. Scratch entries without a vet or doctor’s certificate will be subject to a $20 scratch fee.
4. No stallions are to be entered/shown by a rider under 18 years of age.
5. All entries must be in a safe, controlled manner at all times. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and immediate removal from the fairgrounds.
6. Tack: Double bridles, leg wraps and/or split boots are not permitted in Hunter Divisions. Standing Martingales are permitted in Hunter and Equitation Divisions. Running Martingales are only accepted in Jumper Division. Flash nosebandsmay be used in the Open Equitation and Jumper Divisions only.
7. We request that red ribbons are on the tails of horses that kick.
8. The Hunter/Jumper Show Committee reserves the right to change or alter the schedule including combining or splitting classes if entries warrant. All classes will run regardless of the number of entries.
9. All riders must be wearing a number in order to compete and enter for warm up.
10. Leadline is open to children under the age of 10. Entries must be lead by a capable leader with a halter over top of the bridle with a correctly placed lead shank affixed at all times. Riders entered in this class are not permitted to enter any other classes.
11. A pony or horse can only be ridden by one rider/class. If not, you will be excused without prize money for the day.
12. Adults can ride ponies. Please note that all ponies will jump the same course. No adjustments will be made.
13. A practice fence will be provided in the warm-up area.
14. Over fences classes will run as back-to-back trips for all classes. Riders competing in the Open Equitation classes will do their over fences trip with their hunter classes.
15. Jogging for ribbons will not be required.
16. Anyone excused by the judge must leave the ring immediately. If eliminated by refusals, you may request to take one courtesy fence of which you have already jumped (at judge’s discretion). Judge’s discretion considered to be final.
17. Ring will be open for flatting prior to the start of the show. Warm-Ups for each division will be held in the show ring prior to each Division. Only riders entered in that division will be invited to warm up. No more than 4 riders in the ring at one time.
18. All prize money will be sent to the owner of the horse under the exhibitor’s name. Prize money will be halved if there are less than 4 exhibitors in a class.
19. Classes 1 through 4 are for riders 18 years of age and under in their first year of showing. Riders entering these classes may not cross-enter into other divisions.

Entry Fees:
Administration Fee – $10 (does not apply to leadline entries)
Ticketed Warm Up Round – $5
Clear Round – $5
Classes – $15 per class
Leadline – $10
Hunter Pairs – $20 per Pair
Handy Hunter Classic – $20 entry
Mini Prix – $20 entry

CLASS LIST & Show Schedule
8:30 – 9:00 am: Ring open for flatting only. Start time 9:00 SHARP

Beginner Equitation Division
1. Walk Trot Equitation
2. Walk Trot with Individual Canter
3. Equitation over poles
4. Equitation over cavaletties
5. Lead Line

Hack Division
6. Road Hack
7. Show Hack
8. Pleasure Hack

2′ – 2’3″ Junior/ Amateur Hunter Division
9. Hunter Over Fences
10. Hunter Over Fences
11. Hunter Under Saddle

2’6″ – 2’9″ Open Hunter Division
12. Hunter Over Fences
13. Hunter Over Fences
14. Hunter Under Saddle

Open Equitation Division – will be run with Open Hunter Division
15. Equitation Over Fences 2’6″
16. Equitation on the Flat
17. Hunter Pairs – Teams of 2 will complete a course together and jump the final fence in tandem. Fences will be set to 2’6″ in height. Costumes or team attire is encouraged.
18. Handy Hunter Classic – Hunter round with numerical scoring. Bonus points awarded for handiness and bonus fence options. Fences 2’6″ in height, formal attire is encouraged.

.80M Jumper Division
19. Clear Round
20. Table A Immediate Jump-Off
21. Speed
22. Mini-Prix – Table A class with a two round format where any clear round entries from Round 1 will be invited to return for a Jump-Off. Fences will be .9m in height.

Ribbons & Prizes:
Ribbons to 6th place for all classes. Prize money where applicable. Champion & Reserve Champion for each division (except open Equitation)