English Horse Show

Sunday, August 8th at 9:00 am

Location: In the English Ring

Chairs: Ashley Vogel 613-878-9501, E-mail: akoggel03@gmail.com

Committee: Jen Fraser, Krystie Small, Shannon Donkers

Announcer: TBD

Judge: Lindsay Small

Secretary: Shannon Donkers 613-889-7663, E-mail: donkers2005@hotmail.com


  1. Registration: as marked (see individual classes) will be accepted by e-mail only to the show secretary. You must provide the following documentation prior to the show date:
    – Completed entry form
    – Proof of insurance for the rider (OEF, FEQ, etc.)
    – St. Lawrence Valley Agricultural Society Waiver
  2. Payment: E-Transferred to info@williamstownfair.ca prior to the date of the show, please write English Horse Show in the description along with your name.
  3. Closing date: Wednesday, August 4, 2021
  4. Entry Fees: $8 per class or $20 per division (3 classes per division)
  5. Late fee of $4 per class (maximum of $20/day) will be charged for late and post entries and will be accepted up to 1/2 hour prior to class. No exceptions.


  1. Ribbons to 6th Place.
  2. Grand and Reserve Ribbons:
    – Small/Medium Pony Hunter
    – Large Pony Hunter
    – Children’s Hunter
    – Horse Low Hunter
    – Horse Hunter


Intro Hunter – Maximum jump height of 18”. Open to beginner riders & horses only in their first or second year of showing, no age limit. Riders may cross enter into Small/Medium Pony Hunter and Horse Low Hunter as long as they meet division qualifications. To be judged as a hunter division.

Small/Medium Pony – Do not exceed 13.2 hands. May enter into Intro Hunter as long as they meet division qualifications.

Large Pony – Exceed 13.2 hands but do not exceed 14.2 hands. Open to adults and children. May cross enter into Children’s Hunter provided they meet division qualifications.

Children’s Hunter – Rider under 18 years old as of December 31, 2020. Open to horses and ponies. May enter into Horse Low Hunter and Horse Hunter provided they meet division qualifications.

Horse Low Hunter– Open to adults and children. Open to horses only.

– Horse Hunter- Open to adults and children. Open to horses only.

Note: All competitors are eligible to compete in the jumper classes with the same or a different mount.

If a pony requires to be measured, show management will have the final decision re. eligibility to show. A valid Equine Canada Passport or height listed on Coggins paper will be accepted re. proof of ponies

1. Equine Canada rules will generally apply.
2. All classes will run no matter the number in the class, however management reserves the right to combine classes if there are insufficient entries, as well as split entries should they exceed 12 riders in a class.
3. ASTM approved helmets must be worn at all times while mounted. Show jackets are required.
4. Please note that all ponies will jump the same course. No adjustments will be made.
5. No coaching or schooling in the ring will be permitted. – Only riders and coaches will be permitted in the schooling area.
6. A practice fence will be provided in the warm up area.
7. We are limited to the number of people permitted on the grounds. Therefore, local competitors will be given priority. Once the maximum is reached we will start a waiting list.
8. All current COVID 19 rules and regulations are required to be followed by all riders and support persons while on the grounds. Social distancing is required.
9. The COVID – 19 self-assessment tool must be completed prior to entering the event. https://eohu.ca/en/covid/hand-hygiene-and-infection-prevention-resources

10. Each exhibitor is allowed 6 guests. Guests will be given a bracelet at the gate upon entry to the grounds.
11. Face Masks are required to be worn at all times while on the grounds (must supply your own).
12. Trailers are asked to park distanced.
13. Stay 2 metres back from the rail when spectating.
14. Washrooms will be open.
15. Water is available for horses.
16. The bleachers will be closed. You may bring a lawn chair for seating.

*Classes will run in posted order in groups of 4 horses.
*Judge will check for soundness in a final circle. Trot for at least half of the circle.
*There will be no flat classes.
*There will be 3 over fences classes per division. The first two trips will run concurrently within your group of 4 horses to provide a “show and go” experience. Groups of 4 will be called into the warm-up area for the third trip.
*Results will be announced at the end of each division.
*Braiding will not be allowed.

*Classes will run in posted order of go organized by the trainer.
*Course walks for the day will be scheduled, while in the ring everyone must maintain physical distancing.

**Start Time: 9:00 a.m. SHARP

Class Description:
Intro Hunter
1. Hunter cross rails
2. Hunter cross rails
3. Hunter 18”

Small/Medium Pony Hunter
4. Hunter 2’0”
5. Hunter 2’0”
6. Hunter 2’3”

Large Pony Hunter
7. Hunter 2’3”
8. Hunter 2’3”
9. Hunter 2’6”

Children’s Hunter
10.Hunter 2’3”
11. Hunter 2’6”
12. Hunter 2’6”

LUNCH – 30 minutes Horse

Low Hunter
13. Low Hunter over Fences 2’3”
14. Hunter over Fences 2’3”
15. Hunter Over Fences 2’6”

Horse Hunter
16. Hunter 2’9”
17. Hunter 2’9”
18. Hunter 3’0”

Jumper Classes open to ponies and horses. Classes will be divided ponies & horses subject to number of entries. All classes include immediate jump off to follow.

19. Jumper 2’6”
20. Jumper 2’9”
21. Mini Prix 3’0”

*Classes may be split or combined subject to number of entries.