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2022 Classes

We are pleased to offer some interesting and fun categories for our Home & Garden enthusiasts this year as part of the Williamstown Fair Home & Garden Exhibit



Field Crops

Field Crops

Maple Syrup Exhibit

Maple Exhibit

Wheat Exhibit

Honey Exhibit

Grain Exhibit

Grain Exhibit

Thank you for your continued support and hard work on your entries! Being able to showcase your talents and creativity is the reason for Home and Garden’s success each year.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

Steps for Exhibiting


  1. You may enter ONE ITEM in each SECTION, but you may enter all sections; i.e., if you wish, you may enter every section in a class and you may enter as many classes as you wish. Each item may be entered only ONCE in a given year and MAY NOT BE RE-ENTERED IN SUBSEQUENT YEARS. REMEMBER: All items must be clean and new. Obviously worn or soiled items will be disqualified.
  2. All items for exhibit are to be placed in the show hall between 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on the Thursday evening of the Fair. Record all items to be exhibited on an entry form and bring the form to the office on the Thursday evening of the Fair and leave it with the Secretary.
  3. Each item exhibited must have a Williamstown Fair entry tag securely attached to it. Computer generated tags will not be accepted – all tags must be uniform. When entering more than three items it would be advantageous to pick up entry tags in advance from the Secretary, MacDonald’s store, or the Library in Williamstown. Only tags of winning entries will be opened. All children’s exhibit tags will be opened.
  4. Items exhibited must remain in the Exhibit Hall until the close of the Fair on Sunday. The Exhibit Hall will close at approx 4:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon in order to prepare for pickup by exhibitors. All items are to be picked up on Sunday evening of the Fair between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. We will not be responsible for items left after this time.
  5. Prize money will be available at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. You are asked to pick up your prize money when you pick up your exhibits. The Fairboard Secretary will be at the fairgrounds on the Monday morning following the Fair from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon for final pickup. No prize money under $10.00 will be mailed out after the pickup.
  6. An EXHIBITOR’S FEE of $5.00 entitles the bearer to exhibit at the Fair and to pick up his or her items between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Gate admission is NOT included in exhibitor’s fee.
  7. Children 12 and under may exhibit free but each must register and have their own exhibit number.



  1. A Director will accompany the judges in each class by whom the Judge’s Book will be kept and entries made therein under the direction of the Judge. This Director, under no circumstances, shall take any part in the judging, but he/she shall conduct himself/herself in a disinterested manner at all times during the judging.
  2. All Judges’ decisions are final. When the Judge has made his decision, the Director-in-Charge shall award the appropriate ribbon and shall enter the decision in the Judge’s Book, which should be sent to the Secretary’s office as soon as possible after judging has been completed. All Judges’ Books should be signed by both the Judge and the Director incharge.
  3. Prize money will be $5.00, $3.00 and $2.00 for all classes, unless otherwise stated. However, if in any one section none of the entries are judged good enough to be awarded a prize, no award will be given. Product prizes or gift certificates may be awarded in lieu of money prizes. As all Directors have offered in the prize list all the funds available for prizes, it is requested that the Judges make no recommendations for special prizes, other than “Honourable Mention”.
  4. Premier Exhibitor is awarded to the exhibitor who accumulates the most points in the Home & Garden Division based on three points for first place, two points for second place, and one point for third. If there is a tie for most points, then the prize will
    go to the entrant with the most first places, followed by the most second places.
  5. Ties (See Charts below). Note: If there is a tie for most points in a class, then the prize will go to the entrant with the most first places, followed by the most second places.

In a section where the prizes are:

1st $5 3 Points
2nd $3 2 Points
3rd $2 1 Point

If there is a tie for 1st place, the prizes will be:

1st $2.50 1.5 Points
1st $2.50 1.5 Points
3rd $1 1 Point

If there is a tie for most points in a class, then the prize will go to the entrant with the most first places, followed by the most second places.

NOTE: Every Exhibitor of the Society will be liable to take the following oath if required by any Member: “I do solemnly swear that all animals and articles exhibited by me are either my own growth, raising, or manufacture, or acquired by me according to the rules of this Society, so help me God.”

NOTE: If there is a difference between the Exhibit Hall Prize List published in the Preliminary Fair Book and what is published in the Final Fair Book, the wording in the Final Fair Book shall take precedence.





Exhibitors will kindly read the following rules carefully and send in their entries as early as possible. Cattle exhibitors please follow rules for CATTLE SECTION.

  1. Entries in all departments must be made in the name of the bona fide owner and unless this isdone no award will be made, or if any award has been made, the prize money will be forfeited and the persons implicated may be prohibited from making entries at subsequent exhibitions.
  2. With the entry of each article, a card will be furnished on which the exhibitor must specify class,section and the number of the entry. Such cards must be attached and remain attached to the article during the exhibition or until removed by the Director in Charge.
  3. No exhibitor shall be allowed to have his or hername or any distinguishing marks on any animal or article exhibited. Any thus marked shall be set aside by the judges. No exhibitor may enter more than one article in any one section, except lives tock, unless stated otherwise.
  4. All exhibitors shall be subject to the regulations and any difficulty or dispute that may arise shall be decided by the Board of Directors, a majority to form a quorum, from whose decision, exhibitors, upon entering, waive the right to any appeal; and all protests must be handed to the Manager in writing accompanied by a deposit of $5.00 within two hours of the cause of protest.
  5. Caretakers will be placed in charge of all articles exhibited in the hall and Directors will take every possible precaution under the circumstances to ensure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition; yet they wish it distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them, and should any article be accidentally injured, lost, or stolen, the Directors will give all the
    assistance in their power towards the recovery of same, but will not make any payment for the value thereof.
  6. All animals will be shown in their respective ring and owners or attendants must be prepared to bring them out when called for, or forfeit claims to the prizes awarded. Feed must be supplied by exhibitor.
  7. Every member of the society, upon payment of his subscription, will be given a member’s ticket for the current year, which, upon presentation, will entitle him to all the privileges of membership; to exhibit at the Fair and attend and vote at the Annual Meeting. MEMBERSHIP DOES NOT INCLUDE GATE ADMISSION.
  8. Tractors, Automobiles and Equipment brought onto the grounds for the purpose of display are to be put in a place set aside by the Directors for the same.  Static tractor and equipment displays do not qualify for a cash bursary, but each display owner will be given two free weekend passes. Working displays, approved by te Directors, which require staffing by the owner, will qualify for a cash bursary to help offset the cost of operating the display.
  9. In all classes, when only one exhibitor exhibits, only one prize money will be paid.
  10. Where ownership is doubted, all prize money will be held until bona fide ownership is proven to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.
  11. The Directors reserve the right to amend or change these rules in any way.
  12. No exhibits shall leave the Fair Hall before 5:00 p.m. on Sunday of the Fair. Except in special cases, any exhibitor violating this regulation will forfeit all prize money.
  13. The Society will not be responsible for any accidents or loss of property during the Exhibition.
  14. It does not follow that because a prize is offered for any particular animal or article that it must be awarded unless the exhibit is really of sufficient merit. The Judges are requested to note this fact.
  15. All decisions of the Judges are final and every exhibitor must conduct himself in a gentlemanly manner.


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