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Take a look around at what’s typically going on inside and out the Williamstown fairgrounds. Unique historic buildings, cattle and horse rings, exhibits, stages and more.

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Heritage Breeds Tent

With more than twenty-five examples of Heritage livestock on display in our 2400 square foot tent, housed in professionally designed stalls and pens, the Heritage Livestock Club of Eastern Ontario is pleased to provide this opportunity for visitors to learn more about the strengths and characteristics of a wide range of Heritage livestock. We thank the St.Lawrence Valley agricultural Society for sponsoring this special display.

With much of our food now produced in factory farms and many breeds of livestock having evolved in response to market pressures, many find it reassuring these breeds are available to those wishing to raise traditional livestock.

Be sure to visit our display at this year’s Fair!

Please remember to wash your hands after touching farm animals! Hand washing stations are conveniently located at the cattle barns, heritage breeds tent and petting zoo.

Market Honey

Fall Harvest Market


Welcome!! We invite you to come check out local vendors and artisans in an old style country market setting! Great place to feed your fall gathering instincts and stock up on winter supplies, walk the grounds, catch up with friends, even do some early Christmas Shopping! We love showcasing what our area has to offer!  Definitely a must do, make great contacts and make new friends!

ATM on Site, Rain or Shine
CALLING ALL VENDORS!! If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at this year’s Fall Harvest Market, please contact Debbie Burns at Debbie@we3girls.ca for details.  Always looking to grow the market (art, produce, baked goods, unique crafts, edibles, etc.) All applications will be reviewed, we will limit how many of each type of vendor there is. Details – booth fee $50, bring your own table.

Carosel at the Williamstown Fair

The Midway

The Midway is back! We welcome our new 2019 midway providers World’s Finest Shows!!

World’s Finest Shows will be setting up a full service midway over Fair weekend with mechanical rides, games trailers, and your favourite carnival food fare!

The Meeting Place crowd outside

The Meeting Place

Join us thursday night in the meeting place!

2019 Thursday night entertainment: Paddy Kelly & Heather Flipsen!
Live music 8pm to Midnight

Join us in the Meeting Place to reacquaint yourself with friends or make new ones!  The Meeting Place was built by volunteers in the traditional barn-raising fashion.  Made of post and beam, the Meeting Place reflects the rural lifestyle of our community.

Don’t forget to come for the FREE corn roast Saturday night at 6:30pm infront of the Meeting Place!

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall opened it’s doors for the first time during the 2016. The idea to create a permanent home for history and heritage came about during the Fair’s bicentennial year (2011 to 2012) which was focused on the rich and colourful history of the longest continuous fair in Canada. You don’t have to spend much time in the Village of Williamstown or anywhere in Glengarry County to realize the significance of its history to Canada.

Heritage Hall

Sir John Johnson Manor House

Sir John Johnson named Williamstown after his father, Sir William Johnson. It was one of his settlements for the Loyalists.

The site, on banks of the Raisin River (first named in French- Rivier Aux Raisin- river of the grapes for the abundance of wild grapes that once lined its shores), had been scouted out to be an excellent location to start a settlement. It was the right spot to build mills( grist mill and saw mill), the land was good and there was good timber. At this location Sir John was given a substantial grant of land for himself, which included the land on which the Village of Williamstown is located.

About the fair & the people who make it happen

Read a little more about the history of the fair, and all the people it takes to make this happen: every year.