Grab a seat and enjoy the show!

NOTE: Must register your team by 9pm Friday, August 5th, 2022. 

Open Class: CATCH WEIGHT  No weight limit, starts at 1:30 pm sharp. 8 per team, 2 spares only.
Maximum of 10 teams. Winning team’s name will be added to the MacGillivary Trophy.
Prize Money: 1st Place  $1000  2nd Place $500    3rd Place  $250

Rules and regulations:

  • No gloves
  • No climbing – hand over hand
  • No locking – any hold which prevents the free movement of the rope
  • No leaning – touching the ground with any part of the body other than the feet
  • No sitting – deliberately sitting on the ground, or failure to return immediately to pulling position
  • No spiked or studded footwear, no modified boots – workboots only!
  • No digging – kicking with heels in the ground to gain footholds
  • Teams consist of 8 pullers and 2 spares. Only 1 spare may be used to substitute any one puller during a match.
  • Each team may have 1 coach. One trainer is allowed but he or she is not permitted to communicate with pullers during a match.
  • Each team can have up to 2 minors(under 18 years of age)
  • The MacGillivary Trophy must stay on the grounds. Winning team may bring it into the Meeting Place to celebrate but must be turned over to bartending staff before the fair’s official closing.

If entering both competitions, please submit a form for each competition separately.
Each team must have 8 pullers