Scarecrow Competition


Open Class – Prize money awarded to 8th place!

For 20+ years, the Scarecrow Competition has been a fun way to let passersby know that the Williamstown Fair is taking place! 

Put your scarecrow display at your home or place of business, open to all residents of South Glengarry.

 Cash Prizes:
$250 for 1st Place
$200 for 2nd Place
$150 for 3rd Place
$125 for 4th Place
$100 for 5th Place
$75   for 6th Place
$50 each for 7th and 8th Place


 1. Open to all residents of South Glengarry. Email your name and address of display to  All entries must be received by 6 pm Thursday, August 4th. 

2. To be eligible for prize money, your display must include “Williamstown Fair August 5, 6, 7th” (don’t forget to make it large enough to be seen from a passing vehicle!)

3. Judging will take place Friday, August 5th, 2022. If you have won 1st to 8th place, your prize money can be picked up in the Fair Office either Saturday or Sunday – any prize money not picked up over fair weekend will be mailed to the address on your entry. 



  • Get creative and plan ahead! It’ll be more enjoyable to put together if you’ve got a plan for your display and have the materials on hand
  • Don’t be afraid to be bold with colours so your entry stands out
  • Make it easy for anyone driving by to spot your entry from inside a vehicle
  • Partner up or do as a group activity with your kids, friends, neighbours, co-workers, etc.
  • What is your scarecrow doing? Giving it an action will lend feeling and presence
  • Use what you’ve got! It’s fun to see what you’ve got laying around that you can repurpose in your display

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! This is meant to show your fair spirit to be enjoyed by all!

 And lastly – Thanks to all who take the time to put a scarecrow together, so many people comment on how much they enjoy seeing the entries each year and everyone does such a fantastic job!