Hamster Show



SUE DEROCHIE 613-362-7932



Entries are to arrive at our Show Secretary’s by noon on the show day (Sunday). All exhibitors will be responsible to pay for gate admission.


Standards Classes cost $1 per animal. Only one (1) entry per class per exhibitor. All entries must be owned two weeks prior by the exhibitor.

All participants must have an exhibitor number ($3 entry fee) and provide their Exhibitor Card.



  • Check-in & Health Checks (mandatory for all hamsters)


  • Dwarf Standards Class judging
  • Syrian Standards Class judging
  • Pet and Fun Class judging for Dwarves and Syrians

All hamsters must be checked-in in their appropriate show pens and placed on the staging table at least 15 minutes before the judging begins.

Minimum age for Dwarfs to be entered in the show is 4 weeks

Minimum age for Syrians to be entered in the show is 5 weeks


  1. Dwarf
  2. Short-haired Syrian
  3. Long-haired Syrian
  4. Best of Show
  5. Best Pet hamster—tameness & health
  6. Best fun hamster rolling ball contest

Pet/Fun Classes will be judged separately for all hamsters regardless of type. Pet class looks at tameness of pet while fun class is a ball rolling activity. There will be no gender splitting in the Pet/Fun classes.

All classes and varieties may be combined or split at the judges or show secretaries discretion to assure fair judging and the smooth operation of the show. Standard procedure will be to split each class by gender if there are 5 or more hamsters entered in that class. Each gender class may be further split by coat type, section (Agouti, Self, Patterned), color, or other feature as determined by the show secretary and judge. This will usually be done if there are 5 or more like animals entered in a gender class.

Hamsters entered in the wrong class may or may not be judged. If the proper class has already been judged, the class will not be re-opened although the judge may offer to score the hamster for the owner’s benefit. If the proper class has not been judged, the judge may choose to have the Show Secretary move the hamster to the proper class.


Flat ribbons and cash prizes of $10, $7, $5 will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in each class except Best of Show. A large rosette will be given to Best of Show.


All hamsters who come to the show for any reason must meet minimum health and age requirements. Each animal will be health checked, and all dwarves must be at least 4 weeks of age while all Syrians must be at least 5 weeks of age. Exception must be requested at least a week before the show. Frail, elderly, easily stressed, pregnant, nursing, or injured hamsters should never be brought to a show.


All hamsters must be shown in approved show pens and on approved beddings. Approved show pens are the standard Kritter Keepers ONLY. These can be found in most pet stores. This
is required to help maintain anonymity in the judging process.

Dwarves could be shown in the “small” size (9.13″ L X 6″ W X 6.13″ H) Kritter Keepers. If two dwarves who live together are shown in the same show pen the “medium” size may be used.

Syrians should be shown in the “medium” (9.13″ L X 6″ W X 6.13″ H) or “large” (14.5″ L X 8.75″W X 9.75″ H) size Kritter Keepers.

Any other sizes will be at the discretion of the Show Secretary and will depend on the space available at that show.

The Fair will have a limited number of Kritter Keepers for use rent at every show on a first-come, first-served basis. You must indicate on your entry form if you need to rent one. Cost to rent is $4 each.

For Hamster Ball Race, balls are provided free of charge.


Hamsters must be shown on alphi-dri bedding. Packages of alphi-dri bedding will be available at the show since it is not readily available in the pet stores. It is a bedding which works well for all hamsters involved in our shows. It does not mat for the long hairs, and it does not produce the same sensitivities that aspen does for some hamsters.

Each hamster must have a small amount of food and a small piece of fruit/veggie in the show pen (i.e. a chunk of apple or a baby carrot are recommended) as no water or grain is included in the show pen.


Hamsters who are not entered should not be brought to the show. For any other exceptions, please write at least one week before the show to ask permission.