Join us at 10:30 am on Saturday at Centre Stage!


All participants are asked to pre-register at Centre Stage at 10:00 am, the contest will start at approximately 10:30.

There will be gifts & ribbons for participants and a special prize for the youngest baby.

CATEGORY I:  Six Months & Under

1 Most Hair

2 Least Hair

3 Longest Baby

4 Chubbiest Baby

5 Youngest Baby At The Fair

SPECIAL S1 Youngest Baby at the Williamstown Fair

CATEGORY II:  Seven Months to Twelve Months

1 Most Hair

2 Least Hair

3 Longest Feet

4 Chubbiest Legs

5 Biggest Smile for the Judges

CATEGORY III: Thirteen Months to Eighteen Months

1 Most Teeth

2 Biggest Hands

3 Most Hair

4 Least Hair

CATEGORY IV:  Open to Any Babies Eighteen Months & Under


1 Baby that looks most like a parent as a baby – bring a baby photo of parent

2 Baby that traveled the farthest to be at the fair

3 Baby with the funniest laugh

4 Baby that walks or crawls the fastest to mom or dad