Past Home and Garden Presidents

In 1935 Ladies were finally accepted on the Board. They were given charge of the Ladies Fancy Work and Cooking Entry Classes. From then until 1972, the Ladies Division (Exhibit Hall) was administered in conjunction with the Glengarry Women’s Institute.

Some of the Presidents during this era were:

? – ?Susan Clark
? – ?Gweneth Sangster
? – ?Marguerite Ross
? – ?Bessie Cumming
1954-1955Nancy Escoth
1957-1958Bertha Fraser
1961Jean Thompson
1962-1963Marguerite McLeod
1964-1967Jean McGee
1968-1969Jessie Leclerc

In November 1972, the Ladies Division separated from the Women’s Institute and the first Ladies
Division President was elected. The division’s name was later changed to Home & Garden Division.

1972-1977Anna Mae Wightman
1978-1979Aggie Petrie
1980-1981Sue Harrington
1982-1983Dorothy Croll
1984-1985Annabell McNaughton
1986-1987Pat Ager
1988-1989Amy Ward
1990-1991Marg Laplante
1992-1994Cheryl Wightman
1995-1996Joyce Madden
1997-1998Pat Durin
1999-2000Kim Craig
2001-2002Janis Pasco
2003 RobGoodbun
2004-2005Margo Poirier
2006-2007Tara McRae
2008-2009Shona Fraser
2010-2012Karen Dixon
2013-2014Shannon MacCuaig
2015-2016Rose MacCulloch

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