Merit and Service Awards

St. Lawrence Valley Agricultural Society Merit Awards

The St. Lawrence Valley Agricultural Society (SLVAS) Merit Award is extended to a person or persons directly associated with the Williamstown Fair in recognition of valuable and appreciated service. This year saw two recipients, Ron and Roch Aubin, from Alexandria Home Hardware and Building Centre. Their generosity throughout the years with goods and services has enabled the fair board to undertake many much needed projects.

1972 Gordon Sandilands, Jim Humphries, Oliver McGee
1973 Pat Francis
1974 Anna Mae Wightman
1975 Doris Vogelsang, Don Martin
1976 Jean McGee, Johnson Raymond
1977 Mac Edwards, Wilfred MacNaughton, John Peters (Lancaster), Helen MacMillan
1978 Margaret Laplante, Frances Chretien
1979 Catherine Miller, Hugh Blair
1980 Brian Greer, Carolyn McRae, Dorothy Croll, Alex Mullins
1981 John Peters (Martintown)
1982 Isabel McCuaig, Robert McDonell
1983 Sue Harrington, Delard Dubeau, Michael Schach
1984 Audrey Morris
1985 Darlene Aitken, Joan MacDonald, Dona Girling
1990 Aggie Petrie, Duncan MacArthur
1991 Alex MacDonald
1992 Coleman MacDonald, Milton MacDonald
1994 Sign-It, Cornwall, Joan P. MacDonald
1995 Ruth Mowat
1996 Garnet MacDougall
1997 Randolph Ross
1998 Glenn Jurchuk
1999 Amy Ward
2000 Ralph Gordon
2001 The Township of South Glengarry
2002 Betty & Alex MacDonald
2003 George Runions
2004 Jay and Nancy Woollven
2005 Clarence Robertson, Kevin MacLeod, Diane Lunan, Don Clark, Carolyn Laing
2006 Allan Paradis, Bruce Overbury, Ralph Dixon
2007 Ron Eamer, Robert (Poon) Pilon
2008 Women’s Institutes of South Glengarry: Martintown, Picnic Grove & Bainsville
2009 Williamstown Green Thumbs Horticultural Society
2010 Robert Winn & Tom Ayerst
2011 John R. MacDonell & Bob Donkers
2012 Nor’Westers & Loyalist Museum
2013 Liette Deschambault, Scott Booth
2014 Ray Howes, Gary Robertson
2015 Ron Graham, Bruce Kennedy & Cheryl Wightman
Ron Aubin & Roch Aubin
2017 Mary Regan
2018 Tim MacDonald
2019 Beverly Runions
2020 Chelsea Hope

Ontario Agricultural Service Diplomas

The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) Agricultural Service Diploma is extended to a person inside or outside the Williamstown Fair Board, who has contributed to the broader part of the agricultural community. This year the award was presented to Campbell Murray, Murrayholm Farms, Martintown, Ontario. Campbell was recognized for his innovative farming practices. The farm received their Master Breeders recognition in 1992. They were one of the first in the area to go to a free stall milking barn in 1967 and were the first to go to a robot milking system in 2010. For 14 years Campbell taught a course on Farming Practices in Alexandria and was a 4-H leader for 28 years. He was a Provincial President of the Holstein Association and Director of Holstein Canada.

1972 Wilfred MacDonald

1973 Clark McDonell
1974 Archibald MacDonell, Oliver McGee
1975 Lloyd McRae
1976 Stanley Wightman
1977 Jack Fisher
1978 Clark McCuaig
1979 M.C. “Mac” McRae
1980 J.C. Watt
1981 Cattanach MacLennan
1982 Joseph Chretien
1983 Archie Robertson
1984 Wilfred MacNaughton
1985 Donald Thomson
1987 Francis Chretien
1989 Robert McDonell
1990 Bruce Munro
1991 Cathy Stewart
1992 Grant Cameron
1993 Alfred Vogel
1994 John Peters
1995 Murray Howes
1996 Lyall MacLachlan
1997 Dr. Brian MacNaughton, D.V.M.
1998 Randolph Ross
1999 Dr. Ian MacNaughton, D.V.M.
2000 Gordon Ferguson
2001 Mackie Robertson
2002 Martin Lang
2003 Kerry McDonald
2004 Charles Sangster
2005 Five volunteer Fire Departments serving South Glengarry: Glen Walter, Lancaster, Martintown, North Lancaster, Williamstown
2006 Donald Johnston, Nancy Beerwort
2007 Fiona MacPherson
2008 Sonny & Aggie Petrie
2009 Margaret Morris – Glengarry Fine Cheese
2010 Gary Fournier & Family
2011 Phyllis MacMaster
2012 Glengarry Federation of Agriculture
2013 Glengarry County 4-H Association
2014 Gordon & Keith Wells and Family
2015 Glengarry Holstein Club
Campbell Murray
2017 Glengarry N’orWesters and Loyalist Museum 
2018 Summerglen Farm – The MacDonell Family
2019 Carry On Farm, Carry On Drainage, & Jays Excavation – The Vogel Family
2020 The Wightman Family