2020 Fair Postponed

Board of Directors


Secretary Karen Dixon (613)528-1501 kndixon@sympatico.ca
Treasurer Sara Dicaire (613)362-9401 sara.dicaire@outlook.com


President Michael Seguin michaellseguin@gmail.com
Past President Hamish MacDonell hamishmac24@hotmail.com
1st Vice President Chelsea Hope chelsea.hope@williamstownfair.ca
Home & Garden President Alison MacCulloch alison.e.harrington@gmail.com


Garry Atchison garry.atchison@williamstownfair.ca
Ron Brennan ron.brennan@williamstownfair.ca
Maclen Chisholm maclen.chisholm@williamstownfair.ca
Karen Dixon karen.dixon@williamstownfair.ca
Neil Dixon neil.dixon@williamstownfair.ca
Ron Eamer ron.eamer@williamstownfair.ca
John Hodgson john.hodgson@williamstownfair.ca
Chelsea Hope chelsea.hope@williamstownfair.ca
Christopher Kentell christopher.kentell@williamstownfair.ca
Ian Kentell ian.kentell@williamstownfair.ca
Ashley Koggel ashley.koggel@williamstownfair.ca
Pat Larkin pat.larkin@williamstownfair.ca
Rose MacCulloch rose.macculloch@williamstownfair.ca
Melanie Dixon melanieskates13@gmail.com
Allister MacDonell allister.macdonell@williamstownfair.ca
Hamish MacDonell hamish.macdonell@williamstownfair.ca
Ken Gerdis kcgerdis@gmail.com 
Kevin MacLeod kevin.macleod@williamstownfair.ca
Lise Marvell lise.marvell@williamstownfair.ca
Rick Marvell rick.marvell@williamstownfair.ca
Michael Mazur michael.mazur@williamstownfair.ca
Donald J. McDonald dj.mcdonald@williamstownfair.ca
Terry Mercer terry.mercer@williamstownfair.ca
Bruce Overbury bruce.overbury@williamstownfair.ca
Roy Perkins roy.perkins@williamstownfair.ca
Sommer Robertson sommer.robertson@williamstownfair.ca
Will Robertson will.robertson@williamstownfair.ca
Pierre Roy pierre.roy@williamstownfair.ca
Michael Seguin michael.seguin@williamstownfair.ca
Shona Simpson shona.simpson@williamstownfair.ca
Tim Simpson tim.simpson@williamstownfair.ca
Nick Van Sleeuwen nick.vansleeuwen@williamstownfair.ca
John Vipond john.vipond@williamstownfair.ca


Junior Directors

Andrew Dixon Naomi Kake Matt Rose
Nathaniel Faubert Ryan Murphy Lindsay Small
Brayden Hodgson Paisley Robertson Seamus Thompson
Emma Van der Burg

Honourary Directors

Francis Chretien
Archibald MacDonell
Robert McDonell
Bev Runions

Resource Committees

Buildings:  Hamish MacDonell (Chair)
Garry Atchison John Hodgson Allister MacDonell Bruce Overbury
Ron Brennan Rose MacCulloch Rick Marvell Roy Perkins
Maclen Chisholm Don McDonald Shona Simpson
Ron Eamer
Grounds: Kevin MacLeod (Chair)
Neil Dixon Ashley Koggel Terry Mercer Michael Seguin
Karen Dixon Pat Larkin Sommer Robertson Tim Simpson
Chelsea Hope Lise Marvell Will Robertson Nick Van Sleeuwen
Ian Kentell Mike Mazur Pierre Roy John Vipond
Christopher Kentell

Organizational Committees

Committee Chair Directors
Antique Machinery/Vintage Cars Pierre Roy Linda Roy (CC)
Ken Gerdis
Archives Will Robertson
Bev Runions
Cattle Allister MacDonell Tammy Johnston
Lindy MacDonell
Iggie Peters
Jerome MacDonell
4-H Jakob Vogel
Baby Contest & Parade Chelsea MacDonell Lise Marvell
Children’s Tent Lise Marvell Shona Simpson
Tim Simpson
Friday Family Night Games Julie Warden
Scarecrow in the Dell Home & Garden Jessica Lang
Children’s Woodworking Workshop Garry Atchison Rose MacCulloch
Kids Tractor Pull Jim McDonell Rick Marvell
Terry Mercer
Concessions/Midway Pat Larkin Mike Mazur
Kevin MacLeod
Will Robertson (CC)
Farm Dealership Equipment Sam MacDonell
Petting Zoo Rick Marvell Will Robertson
Corn Roast Neil Dixon
Bob Donkers
Robbie Smith
Junior Directors
Emergency & Medical Response Will Robertson Sommer Robertson
Hamish MacDonell
Garry Atchison
Williamstown Fire Dept.
Incident Reporting Will Robertson
Public Health & Safety Will Robertson
Centre Stage Set-Up (Sat. a.m./Babies/Costume Judging) Shona Simpson Lise Marvell
Karaoke (Pine Stage Sat.) Rose MacCulloch Andre Lavigne
Manon Dore
Opening Ceremonies Ron Eamer
Talent (Pine Stage Sat.) Rose MacCulloch Andre Lavigne
Manon Dore
Paisley Robertson
Naomi Kake
Friday Centre Stage Entertainers Lise Marvell
Saturday Centre Stage Entertainers Ron Brennan
Sunday Centre Stage Entertainers D.J. McDonald
Tug-of-War Chelsea Hope
Farmer Olympics Tim Corput Shona Simpson
Tim Simpson
Seamus Thompson
Sheep Shearing/Herding Demo Lise Marvell Rick Marvell
Tim Simpson
Scarecrow Competition Ron Brennan
Executive Purview
Finance Executive
Fall Harvest Market Debbie Burns Christopher Kentell
Jessie Van de Burg
Lise Marvell
Shona Simpson
Gates Tim Simpson Kevin MacLeod (CC)
Neil Dixon
Grounds Coordinator Kevin MacLeod
Grounds Decorating Junior Directors
Village Signs Kevin MacLeod
Tents Kevin MacLeod
Hamsters Sue DeRochie
Heritage Breeds Ron Eamer Ian Kentell
Heritage Hall  Ian Kentell Rose MacCulloch
Karen Dixon
Pierre Roy
Home & Garden Alison MacCulloch Rose MacCulloch
Lise Marvell
Shona Simpson
Karen Dixon
Forage & Grain Iggie Peters Terry Mercer
Honey Terry Mercer
Maple Cheryl Wightman
OAAS Photo Contest Jessie Van der Burg Tara McRae
Horse Pull John Hodgson
Horses Ashley Koggel Jen Fraser
John Hodgson Michelle Dorie
Krystie Small Crystal Vogel
Lindsay Small (Jr.)
Nick Vanbaal
Cyndi Brunelle
Brandie McDougald
John Hodgson
Christine Lapensee
Chantal Jeaurond
Junior Directors Rose MacCulloch Allister MacDonell
Grounds Decorating
Corn Roast
Christmas Parade
Teen Dance
Student Work Days
Lunch Set-up after Opening Ceremonies
Wood Working Tent
K-9 Agility Garry Atchison
Curling Club Rose MacCulloch
Museum Jessie Van der Burg
Highland Dancing Rose MacCulloch Cathy Coleman Spink
Sherry MacLachlan
Advertising Roy Perkins Ron Eamer
Karen Dixon
Fair Book Sommer Robertson Roy Perkins
Publicity Roy Perkins
Social Media Maclen Chisholm Chelsea Hope
Uberconferencing Nick VanSleeuwen
Website Maclen Chisholm Chelsea Hope
Meeting Place Maclen Chisholm Kevin MacLeod
Pierre Roy
Allister MacDonell
John Vipond
Memorial Chelsea Hope Michael Seguin
Hamish MacDonell
Garry Atchison
Karen Dixon
Parking Mike Mazur Michel Dubuc
Garry Atchison
Rental Agent Shelley Poirier
Summer Rentals Kevin MacLeod
Winter Storage Kevin MacLeod
Sanitation Christopher Kentell Sommer Robertson (CC)
Maclen Chisholm
Andrew Dixon (Jr.)
Ian Kentell
Sir John Johnson Building Lise Marvell
Sound Bruce Overbury Don McDonald
Centre Stage Ron Brennan
Pine Stage Nick Van Sleeuwen
General P.A. Matt Rose (Jr.)
–        2 horse rings
–        Cattle ring
Remote Sound to:
–        Kid’s Tent
–        Sheep Demo’s
Other activities on the grounds throughout the year.
Souvenirs Maclen Chisholm Chelsea Hope
Melanie Dixon
Sponsorship Roy Perkins
Fundraising Chelsea Hope Pierre Roy
Maclen Chisholm
Ashley Koggel
Strategic Planning Tim Simpson John Hodgson
Tim Simpson
Ron Eamer
Chelsea Hope
Ashley Koggel
Maclen Chisholm
Christopher Kentell
Reforestation Ian Kentell Tim Simpson
Christopher Kentell
Hamish MacDonell
Kevin MacLeod
Garry Atchison
Utility Room Coordinator Mike Mazur
Inventories Mike Mazur
Radios Terry Mercer
Security Hamish MacDonell Tim Simpson
Bleachers Christopher Kentell
Electrical Neil Dixon
Golf Carts Terry Mercer
Volunteers/Community Appreciation Lise Marvell Annie Galley
Jessie Van der Burg
Shona Simpson
Chelsea Hope
Michael Seguin
Rose MacCulloch
Mike Mazur