August 10th to 12th, 2018

Extreme Cowboy Race

Sunday in the Grass Ring at 9:00 am

$2,000.00 in added prizes!

A fast paced event where horse and rider compete in a timed race which tests riders skills and horses ability to go over and through various obstacles including jumps, bridges, gates and water hazards.

Sponsored by Bob T Tack Lancaster, Ont.


Info: John Hodgson   (514) 951-8102

Entries open July 7, 2017 and close August 7, 2017

Engraved Belt Buckle to Winners of Youth, Ride Smart, Non Pro & Pro

Trophy to Winners of Young Guns, Novice & Intermediate

Divisions Entry Fee
Young Guns (Top 10 to final) $20
Novice (Top 10 to final) $50
Intermediate $200 added (Top 10 to final) $50
Youth $400 added (Top 10 to final) $50
Ride Smart $400 added (Top 10 to final) $50
Non Pro $600 added (Top 10 to final) $60
Pro $800 added (Top 10 to final) $75


All participants must pay gate admission
EXCA Rules apply (EXRA Extreme Cowboy Racing Association)
All riders under 18 years of age must wear approved head protection at all times while mounted on grounds
All participants must be members of Ontario Xtreme Cowboy or another EXRA affiliated organization. See for details
Administration fee of $10.00 added to entry fee
Proof of Liability insurance required ($2,000,000 required)

Sanctioned by: Ontario Xtreme Cowboy