August 10th to 12th, 2018

Maple Exhibit


**Note to Exhibitors** As of 2017, we will be using the new North American grading and classification standards for our maple syrup competition.

CONTACTS:      Cheryl Wightman  613-258-1853
George Runions     613-931-3110


  1. All entries must have been produced by the exhibitor in the year of the exhibition.
  2. No identifying labels may be present on the jars.
  3. Only one entry submitted per section per family, with exhibit tag using elastic band.
  4. Submission in one division only (i.e. you cannot enter in amateur and pleasure classes), however you may enter 1 product in each Section of the Pleasure Class (i.e. Golden, Amber, Dark, Very Dark).
  5. Maple syrup shall be shown in clear 250ml glass maple syrup Kent – style bottles.  These can be picked up from the Secretary.  All bottles must have a white cap.
  6. Maple butter must be in a clear 250 ml jar.
  7. All maple cream/candy must be boxed
  8. All entries must be submitted on Thursday evening by 8pm using the maple division form and shall not be removed until Sunday at 5pm.
  9. Entry forms must be submitted along with maple products.
  10. All entrants must be a member of the St. Lawrence Valley Agricultural Society.  A membership may be purchased from the Secretary for $3.00
  11. Minimum of 66° Brix (66% dissolved sugar solids) to qualify.
  12. An approved maple syrup colorimeter will be used to determine the colour. Maple syrup entered in the wrong colour class will be disqualified.
  13. In the event of exhibitors having the same number of points in a class, the exhibitor with the best flavour shall be awarded one (1) extra point to break the tie.
  14. All entrants will receive the judge’s evaluation report on Sunday with pick up of products.


1st: $20     2nd: $15     3rd: $10


Open to those who are novice maple syrup producers (five years or less).

1     syrup in clear jar

*Note: first place entrant must move to the pleasure class the following year.


Open to those who are tapping between 1 to 800 taps and doing it for leisure, giving or selling from the home to friends & family.

1. Golden Maple Syrup (1 bottle)
2. Amber Maple Syrup (1 bottle)
3. Dark Maple Syrup (1 bottle)
4. Very Dark Maple Syrup (1 bottle)
5. Soft Maple Sugar (1 x 125 g box of small molded shapes)
6. Maple Butter (1 x 250 ml jar)
7. Stirred (Crumb) Maple Sugar (1 x 250 ml jar)

S1 – Producers Display (1.5′ wide by 1’deep by 1′ high) highlighting at least 3 above items
S2 – Champion Syrup Producer (Trophy) – Winner of Sections 1, 2, 3, 4
S3 – Champion Sugar Producer (Trophy) – Winner of Sections 5, 6, 7


Open to those who are tapping over 800 taps and selling to retail stores and/or selling to strangers from the gate.

1. Golden Maple Syrup (2 bottles)
2. Amber Maple Syrup (2 bottles)
3. Dark Maple Syrup (2 bottles)
4. Very Dark Maple Syrup (2 bottles)
5. Soft Maple Sugar (2 x 125 g box of small molded shapes)
6. Maple Butter (2 x 250 ml jar)
7. Stirred (Crumb) Maple Sugar (2 x 250 ml jar)
8. Hard Maple Sugar (2 x 125 g blocks)

S1 – Commercial Class, Champion Syrup Producer Winner of sections 1, 2, 3, & 4.
S2 – Commercial Class, Champion Sugar Maker Winner of sections 5, 6, 7, & 8.
S3 – Producers display (2ft. wide by 1.5ft. deep by 1.5ft. high) highlighting at least 6 of the items above—no more than 8 litres of syrup displayed.