September 5th, 2020

All You Need to Know About the 2020 Fair!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be holding the 209th edition of the Williamstown Fair Saturday, September 5th, 2020 and we hope to show that the Fair spirit is alive and well here in Williamstown!

Though a Virtual Home & Garden and a Drive-Thru fair will be a new experience for all, we want to give our community something to look forward to and be excited about participating in because the Fair is the community and the community is the Fair! The Drive-Thru will run from 4pm – 9pm and be made up of agricultural displays, a “reverse parade”, and the grounds will be lit up for the night time hours.

NOTE: More details will be posted on the Drive-Thru closer to the event but most importantly, following the guidelines set out by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, you must remain in your vehicle for the duration of the drive-thru.


Want to get in on the action at this year’s fair?

2020 Class List

Home and Garden Exhibits

Check out our 2020 Home and Garden classes, some entries will be photo/video submissions and others will be physical submission. We’ve got a strong theme of Superheroes of 2020 throughout the classes and we are proud to celebrate what it means to keep not only your family safe but your community and country safe and running as smoothly as possible through this extremely challenging year!

(Scroll down to see our Winners list!)


Scarecrow Contest 2020! Theme: “Farm Life”














Click the picture for more info!


Kids Colouring Contest!

The Glengarry Norwesters and Loyalist Museum has kindly offered to run the Kids Colouring Contest for us this year, click the link to print the colouring page and “how to enter”!

Click here for more info!



“Reverse Parade”

Build your float/display at home with your favorite fair flair (animals, tractors, midway rides, food, etc.) and bring it to the grounds to have out for all to see for the Drive-Thru September 5th! If you are interested in participating, please email


Home & Garden Virtual Division Classes – WINNERS

Class 1: Vegetables and Fruit
Category 1 – A collection
Wilfred Maloney
2nd Mary Regan
3rd Ian Kentell

Category 2 – Odd shape
Asha Pritchard
2nd Nicole Pritchard

Category 3 – Raised garden bed
Colleen MacCulloch
2nd Andrew Cattanach

Class 2: Horticulture
Category 1 – Window box, planter or container
Lyma McIntosh
2nd Farrah Sinnott
3rd Madelaine Oeggerli

Category 2 – “Covid Hero” hanging basket
Pat Larkin
2nd Laura White
3rd Alison MacCulloch


Class 3: Baking

Category 1 – Cake Decoration (adult)
Chelsea Hatchette

Category 2 – Cake Decoration (under 12)
Hudson Murray
2nd Farrah Sinnott
3rd Chase Landry

Category 3 – Baking Video
Jessie Van der Burg
2nd Mila/Jennifer Kinloch

Class 4: Preserves

Category 1 – Showcasing preserves
Madison Fourney
2nd Jessie Van de Burg

Class 5: Sewing

Category 1 – Face Masks 2020
Terri Reid
2nd Mary Regan
3rd Lynn Larkin

Category 2 – “Happy at Home” quarantine sewing
Sheila Jasmin
2nd  Bernice Van der Burg
3rd Terri Reid

Class 6: Quilting

Category 1 – “Happy at Home” Quilt Block
Francine Poisson
2nd Mary Regan
3rd Terri Reid

Class 7: Photography

Category 1 – Count your Rainbows
Kim Kubeck
2nd Colleen MacCulloch
3rd Barbara Macdonell

Honorable Mention: Chantal Martin

Category 2 – All is Fair
Shelley Macpherson
2nd Barbara Macdonell
3rd Jennifer Lee

Honorable Mention: Steph Jarworski

Class 8: Children’s Section

Category 1 – Sidewalk/Window art (3-7)
1st George Metcalf (age 6)
2nd Keith McKay (age 5)
3rd Zena Brennan (Age 6)

Category 2 – Sidewalk/Window art positive message (8-12)
1st Farrah Sinnott (age 8)
2nd Adessa Brennan (age 10)

Category 3 – Draw/paint a tractor (3-7)
1st Keith McKay (age 5)
2nd George Metcalf (age 6)
3rd Milly Winters (age 4)

Category 4 – Create a tractor (8-12)
1st Eric Penner (age 12)

Category 5 – Superhero Puppet (All ages)
1st George Metcalf (age 6)
2nd Audrey Metcalf (age 2)
3rd Laila Nielson (age 8)

Class 9: Arrangements partnered with Flowers Cornwall TO BE DONE ON SEPT 4

Class 10: Baby & Children
Babies of 2020 showcase

Children’s Parade showcase 

Class 11: Colouring Contest partnered with Glengarry, Nor’ Westers & Loyalist Museum
Category 1 – Age 4 and under
1st Alice Brunet
2nd Rosie Van der Burg
3rd Brynn MacCulloch

Category 2 – Age 5-7
1st Sukrarat Singh
2nd Sutton Murray
3rd Keith McKay


Class 12: Poster Competition (3 entries)
Category 1 – Ages 5-8
1st Brooklyn Murray (age 8)
2nd Zena Brennan (age 6)

Category 2 – Ages 9-12

1st Adessa Brennan (age 10)

Class 13: Scarecrow in the Dell
1st Lily Small