September 5th, 2020

50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag

“This year, the 204th edition of the Williamstown Fair will have as its central theme the “50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag”.  At the official opening ceremony at 1:00pm on Saturday August 8th we will have Duncan Matheson on hand to participate in the opening.  Duncan is the son of John Ross Matheson who was the MP for Leeds-Grenville in the sixties.  He was asked by then Prime Minister Lester Pearson to sit on the committee that worked on creating a new flag for Canada.  It was he who convinced the committee to adopt the single maple leaf as the symbol of Canada – and thus he is sometimes referred to as the father of the Canadian Flag.  The Matheson family also has a familial lineage to Sir John Johnson and thus also have a Glengarry connection.

As a prelude to this event and starting Monday June 22nd Canadian flags will be installed on every HydroOne and Bell pole along the north side of John Street from the High School to the Fair Entrance.  This is intended to focus attention on the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag and of course to also celebrate Canada Day.  The flags will remain until after the Fair.

This is a partnership initiative between the Williamstown Fair Board who supplied the flags, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 544 in Lancaster who supplied the aluminum poles and mounting hardware and the Township of South Glengarry for the installation.

The Board of Directors of the Williamstown Fair invite everyone to attend the Fair and to participate in the opening ceremony to mark a milestone in the history of our country.

“See you at the Fair”


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